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Instrument Repairs

As a professional musician, I want my instruments to sound and feel as best as they possibly can. I have learned that even a high-end guitar can sound and play poorly when not set up properly. When the setup of a guitar is poor, the instrument will add unwanted struggles to a player's success add unnecessary struggles to the creative process. An instrument that is properly set up will quickly become an extension of the musician’s mind and together they can create many beautiful things.

My repair shop began after I perfected the setup of my own instruments. My musician friends would play these instruments and wanted theirs to be set up the same way.  Once I started doing this work for other musicians, I learned that every instrument has a setup it prefers and every player has a setup that they prefer, the trick to the perfect setup is to find the common ground between the two! My musician friends left happy and my instrument repair shop was born! 


Services Offered:
- Full setup of electric and acoustic stringed instruments
- Electronic repairs and modifications (Pickup replacements, wiring modifications, pots, jacks, switches, etc)
- Nut and Saddle repair/replace
- Fret Work
- Acoustic Bridge repair/replace


Contact Brad to discuss your instrument repair needs. 

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